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US, UK encouraging House of Saud to commit HR abuses and Barbarism


How dare they! How dare they condemn a decent, honest man not only to death but to death by the most painful method of all, by crucifixion!

How dare the UK and the USA support this outrage! Yes, they are supporting it just as they support every medieval barbarism that happens in Saudi Arabia.

Of course they claim to oppose barbarism but, in reality, they encourage it, and not only encourage it, they are complicit. The complicity arises when they deliberately fail to do the things that they can, and should, do to stop it.

A real opposition would mean a public denunciation of Saudi Arabia followed by a very public determined avowal to do everything possible to end barbarism. The avowal would then be followed by concrete action until Saudi Arabia mends its ways.

But, just as the USA and UK claim to be opposing the endless expansion of Zionist Israel into the lands of others while secretly encouraging the expansion to go on, so they smirk as Saudi Arabia organises a crucifixion and giggle, “Ah well, it’s the way these desert chappies have their fun, isn’t it?” Doing the giggling in the UK are the slimy twerps in the Foreign Office who are well known for sniggering behind their hands like dirty-minded school boys.

The USA and UK are not only complicit, they are pusillanimous scum who raise the flag of cowardice whenever they can. They dare to lecture the world about human rights while secretly encouraging the abuse of human rights because they do not have the backbone possessed by normal human beings.

It’s already bad enough that Saudi Arabia is going to paralyse a man as a punishment. Yes, they are going to cut a man’s spine. The Saudi government, of course, is denying it, but nobody believes them. After all, this a government of sexual perverts which takes every opportunity it can to whip women.

It’s already bad enough that this is a government which laughs as the head is chopped off yet another poor, helpless Indonesian house maid who was fighting off a rapist. (And if ‘laugh’ is thought to be too strong a word, readers might like to find a video of members of the Saudi regime doing their sword dance. The expression on their faces tells you everything. The truth is that in Saudi Arabia women are controlled by the sword….).

And it’s already bad enough that, in Saudi Arabia, Christian and, yes, fellow Shia Muslims, are considered to be sub-human and so virtually any abuse against them is allowable.

But now there is this government of sadistic monsters which, encouraged by the UK and the USA, is going to crucify a man for wanting to vote. Yes, Sheikh Nimr al Nimr is a democrat asking only for the one thing that the USA and UK are supposed to want for everybody, namely, the right to vote in their own government. For asking only for a most basic human right, Sheik Nimr al Nimr has already been beaten up, shot and tortured. If all that is not enough, the American, British and Saudi perverts are now going to crucify him.

Of course the moral bankruptcy of the USA and the UK lies behind this latest atrocity. They are torturers and assassins; they are bullies and war mongers; they cannot, without being accused of extreme hypocrisy, claim to be upholding human rights, so perhaps we should not be surprised that they are giggling at a bit of crucifixion.

But the world is moving on. Economic power is shifting from the West; political power is shifting, and moral authority has, simply, gone. Every day, brown-skinned people are blown to pieces by artillery shells and drones; every day in Guantanamo the USA imprisons and tortures men against whom it could never found a criminal charge; every day the West permits yet another Zionist attack on helpless Palestinians; and every day the West, with an extraordinary self-righteous, self-centred, hypocritical moralism claims that it is under attack whereas the truth is the opposite, namely, that the West is embarked on attacking everybody else as it works to dominate the world.

Perhaps most disgusting of all, the West is now allied with Al Qaeda and with those who are the spiritual source as well as being the financial and military backers of al Qaeda (the Saudis). The West’s policy bankruptcy and moral bankruptcy is written large for all to see.

But not only is the world moving on but the women of the world are stirring as well and, in particular, stirring in Saudi Arabia. They are disgusted by the cowardly bullies who claim to be their men folk but who are, in reality, their sadistic oppressors.

No decent woman would ever support a crucifixion. Saudi women will be making felt their disgust. And all decent men will support them.

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