US-zionist puppet ISIS Beheads 15-Year-Old Boy for Listening to Western Music

ISIS Beheads 15-Year-Old Boy for Listening to Western Music


ISIS executes a 15-year-old boy by beheading after he is caught listening to western music in Iraq.

A teenage boy has been beheaded by ISIS for simply listening to Western music.

Ayham Hussein, 15, was arrested by militants after allegedly being caught enjoying pop tunes on a portable CD player in the group’s Iraqi capital Mosul.

He was dragged before a kangaroo court which sentenced him death in a public execution.

A spokesman for the Nineveh media center told ARA News: “Ayham Hussein was captured by the terrorists while listening to pop music at the grocery store of his father in the Nabi Younis marketplace in western Mosul.”

His body was reportedly handed over to his family on Tuesday.

The execution, believed to be the first for listening to music in the city, has sparked outrage among locals.

The source added: “There was no formal decision by the sharia court that bans listening to western music.”

ISIS has imposed its own sickening brand of medieval justice across swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria, executing prisoners for so-called ‘crimes’ such as blasphemy and being homosexual.

In a statement two years ago, the terror group also banned “music and songs in cars, at parties, in shops and in public, as well as photographs of people in shop windows.”

Earlier this week, it beheaded a captive in the Syrian stronghold of Raqqa with a three-foot sword, Daily Mail reported.

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