Velayati: Enemies evil dream of dividing Muslim states will never come true



Head of the Strategic Research Center of the Expediency Council Ali-Akbar Velayati said on Saturday that enemies’ evil dream of dividing Muslim countries of the region will never come true.

Speaking to Head of Palestine Islamic Jihad Movement Ramezan Abdullah and his accompanying delegation, Velayati said thank to awakening of Muslim world, westerners’ efforts to divide Muslim world once again failed and the Islamic Republic of Iran will continue supporting the oppressed nation of Palestine and the regional nations under tyranny.

Velayati said Islam and integrity of Muslim states have been the constant concern of true followers of Islam and the founder of the Islamic Republic the late Imam Khomeini and that Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei have entered the scene of campaign against ill wishers of Islam and support for the oppressed nation of Palestine. ‘This, especially support for the oppressed nation of Palestine, will continue vigorously.’

The Iranian official said despite serious problems on the way, the Islamic Republic of Iran has adopted as its essential policy the Jihad and campaign for the sake of preserving the integrity and unity of the world of Islam. For the sake of dignity of the world of Islam, Iran along with all Muslim states strives for campaign against terrorists and the Zionist regime of Israel.

‘There is no doubt about the need to confront enemies of Islam and this is the principled and fundamental policy of the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution. The Islamic Republic of Iran is well aware of different Jihadi groups and resistance and those hesitating to adopt careful and logical stances have suffered. There are certain people making efforts to spoil positive works done anywhere on the Earth but victory and resistance will be gained and Iran will not back down from its due rights.’

Abdullah, for his part, said he was happy with meeting Velayati and benefiting from the ‘noteworthy and important’ consultations with him.

He said the Islamic Republic of Iran is the factor of stability and peace in the region.

‘We emphasize that the Zionist regime is the only enemy of Islam but they try to put Palestine into oblivion, pitting all against Iran. We do know about such a plot and feel it as a duty to protect and support Iran, not allowing diversion from the path of campaign against the Zionist regime.’

He said, ‘We do know that the Islamic Republic of Iran is under difficult conditions and has overcome many conspiracies but Muslims have pinned hope on Iran, appreciating efforts of the senior officials of the system, especially the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution

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