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Venezuela announces the mourning for 7 days and Ahmadinejad mourns the death of Chaves


Venezuela announces the mourning for 7 days due to the death of its president Hugo Chaves after suffering of Cancer disease, Karakas says that the Late President’s national ceremony will take place on Friday

The Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad mourns the death of the Venezuelan President Hugo Chaves, describing him by “the righteous son for Venezuela and the revolutionary leader for all the liberators in the world”.

He says in a telegram of condolences to the government and the people of Venezuela that “Chaves is prominent in the courtyard of the struggle and the fight against the arrogance, where he spent his life in the love of the people and seek to serve them, specially the disadvantaged and those affected by the colonial policies, he will remain the symbol and the inherited for all the braves and the revolutionaries and the liberals people in whole the word, and he will engrave his name in the memory of the peoples of Latin America, who faced the shock of his departure”.

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