Latin America

Venezuela to indict US-backed ex-opposition congressmen

The Venezuelan parliament has announced that it will indict US-backed opposition ex-congressmen involved in the illegal confiscation of Venezuelan oil industry assets perpetrated by the US government.

The socialist-led Congress, also known as National Assembly, has stated that it will develop the legal process with the country’s judiciary system in order to hold accountable those Venezuelans who in association with the outgoing administration of Donald Trump inflicted economic damage on the South American country through illegal US sanctions.

Among those politicians to be indicted, there is Juan Guaido and many of his associates. The legislative branch says Guaido contributed with Washington in the illegal confiscation of CITGO, the Venezuelan oil company based in the US, which is worth billions of dollars. Experts say the US has caused Venezuela’s ongoing scarcity of gasoline nationwide.

Some opposition members decry the indictment, but legal experts say Guaido and his camp are the main collaborators of the US sanctions. 

The indictment of the opposition ex-congressmen who plotted with the US in the robbery of Venezuela’s oil assets abroad is well seen by millions of Venezuelans who nowadays suffer from the country’s economic crisis caused by US sanctions.

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