VERY IMPORTANT: This is simply what Jehad means and who is called Mujaheed!

After Gaza War started 7 days ago, we assure that Jehad is a holy world and divine order of Islam that should not be dirtied by zionist backed puppets all over the world.

Jehad is against enemies of Islam only if they attack Muslim countries.

Jehad is to save the value and holiness of the Holy places such as Al-Quds, Mecca, Medinah, Karbala…

Jehad is against zionists not Muslims. Jehad is done by residents of the country not by others from different countries.

Jehad is to fight not to torture behead, assault helpless people (even if they are non-Muslim).

Jehad is to help the oppressed not the invaders of other countries.

Jehad is for the sake of ALLAH (swt) not for the interest of rich and arrogant countries.

Oh Dear non Muslims watching the cruelty of so called Jihadist all over the world. Believe that they are not Muslims and they are going to be captured and sent to the depth of the Hell. Do not forget that their sponsors US, israel, Turkey, Qatar, KSA… regimes and politicians are going to be friends of those inhuman so-called jihadists.

If you want to see the Real Islam watch the helpless people under the attack of israel using every kind of banned weapon.
If you want to see the Fake American Islam watch the so-called Muslim politicians performing ONE-MINUTE shows but never acting againist the brutality of the zionist regime.

Stay with us to see/hear the truth..


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