Vice-Speaker Hails Hezbollah Strike on israel as Prelude to Major Achievements


– Vice-Speaker of the Iranian Parliament Mohammad Hassan Aboutorabifard hailed Hezbollah’s crushing response to Israel’s January 18 terrorist attack on the Golan Heights that killed a number of resistance movement members and an Iranian military advisor in Northern Syria.
“Hezbollah conducted its strikes against Israel with a proper planning that had valuable achievements,” Aboutorabifard said.

The Iranian vice-speaker reiterated that a serious change in the power balance in the region has taken place, and said, “Today Hezbollah is threatening a regime that no other country dared to attack until yesterday.”

On Wednesday, a missile attack by Hezbollah against Israeli soldiers near the Israeli-Lebanese border left at least 15 soldiers dead.

The Israeli military said the attack took place near Mount Dov and Shebaa Farms, a disputed tract of land where the borders of Israel, Lebanon and Syria meet.

Israel’s military officials described the attack as severe, declaring a military state of emergency.

The Hezbollah missile strike came in response Israel’s terrorist attack on Hezbollah positions earlier this month.

On January 18, a military helicopter gunship operated by the Israeli army fired two missiles into Amal Farms in the strategic Southwestern city of Quneitra, situated some 60 kilometers (37 miles) South of the capital, Damascus.

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