Updated Video- Americanized Mujaheed Nusra-Saudi’s Suicide bombers destroy Al-Kendi cancer hospital in Aleppo

alkindi Hospital Aleppo , which was destroyed yesterday by two booby-trapped operations carried out by the criminals of Wahhabism supported by Saudi Arabia, is a free hospital for the treatment of cancer and malignant tumors. Though the costs of such treatments are exorbitant, but it was offered freely to Syrian people by the government . The hospital evacuated a year ago and it was completely empty of any patient ,or any military personnel inside . Only a force of about 200 soldiers has remained to guard the hospital which is a very important health facility . Some of them martyred and others withdrew after they strongly defended the hospital and remained steadfast for almost 13 months . Yesterday, the “regime” did not lost a military barrack or an airport base for military aircraft but the poor of Syria lost one of their important properties and thousands of patients lost the right to survive . May God give mercy to heroes ,the martyrs of al-kindi Hospital
source: Syrian social networks


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