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VIDEO: Breathtaking footage of Brave Houthi fighter firing RPG at up close target

A video shared on Twitter Tuesday showed a fighter from the Ansarallah Movement (Houthi forces) firing an RPG at a nearby target.

The video begins with the Ansarallah fighter firing on an unseen target above his head in the Ta’iz Governorate of western Yemen.

Following the gunfire, the Ansarallah fighter grabs his RPG and raises it above his to head to strike the nearby target.

The video itself was taken 18 months ago, when the Ansarallah Movement was engaged in a fierce battle with the pro-government forces.

However, the clashes in western Yemen have mostly died down in 2020, with the majority of the fighting shifting to the northern governorate of Marib.

The Ansarallah Movement is now preparing to storm the administrative capital of Marib, which has long been the economic capital for the Yemeni government.

Should the government forces lose the administrative capital and the entire governorate, this would give the Ansarallah Movement access to several important oil sites in Marib.

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