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Video- Egyptians protest against military rule

After three days of heavy fighting in central Cairo, the protestors managed to maintain control of Tahrir Square.

Although it appeared calm, the fighting had been pushed back into the surrounding streets.

Protesters clashed with police outside the Ministry of Interior and motorbikes were being used to bring the injured back from the front line to the field hospitals.

A Mosque behind Tahrir Square, that was well known from the 25th January uprising has once again been transformed into a place to attend the wounded, whom most are being treated for tear gas related injuries.

As the day progressed and the numbers reached 100s of 1000’s the fighting began to slow down whilst protesters chants echoed that of the early days of the revolution and it’s pluralist nature.

The crowds kept coming and the people eagerly awaited a response from the Military Council’s ruler Tantawi, which when came was met with widespread disappointment across the square.

Despite the ongoing violence the protesters have faced in the past few days, their resistance is defiant as they vow to remain in symbolic Tahrir square until the military council relinquishes power to a civilian authority.

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