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VIDEO: Explosion footage of zionist regime’s Ashdod reactor

A well-known Zionist journalist, Edy Cohen, posted a video on his Twitter account today, announcing the explosion at the Ashdod reactor in southern occupied territories.

Explosion in Israeli regime's Ashdod reactor reported

According to Zionist sources, firefighters were dispatched to the scene immediately after hearing the sound of the explosion.

Hebrew-language sources said the blast caused fuel leaks at the refinery and efforts are ongoing to address the problem.

However, these sources have not yet mentioned the cause of the explosion and claim that there were no casualties.

The report comes as Zionist sources reported a massive explosion at a sensitive security factory in occupied Palestine about two and a half months ago.

Zionist sources reported that the explosion took place in a factory for the production of advanced weapons, including missiles, in the city of Ramla.

In recent months, similar incidents have taken place in important facilities of the Zionist regime, too.

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