Video-Gaza hosts natl. conference in solidarity with Jerusalem ‎al-Quds

Hundreds of Gazans attended the 6th national conference in solidarity with Jerusalem al-Quds in the Gaza Strip.

Senior Palestinian officials and community representatives called for unity among Palestinians to face israeli violations against Jerusalem al-Quds and its people.

Since its occupation by israeli forces in 1967 East Jerusalem al-Quds has been subjected to arbitrary israel measures including settlement buildings, house demolition and eviction of Palestinians.

According to UNITED NATIONS Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) the israeli authorities have demolished some 2,000 houses in East Jerusalem al-Quds since 1967.

Palestinians say they will adhere to all sorts of resistance methods to liberate their land.

Because of settlement activity and eviction, several hundred Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem al-Quds are at risk of displacement.

Particularly affected are the Old City and Silwan, and 500 people in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

The conference called on Muslims around the world to support the Palestinians in Jerusalem al-Quds.

The occupied city of Jerusalem Al-Quds is dear to all Muslims around the world.

Gazans say that they will do all they can to preserve and defend its Islamic and Palestinian identity.

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