Video- ‘Great majority of Syrians back Assad’

Syrian sources say they have discovered a US-written scenario outlining Syria’s future developments.

The sources say the scenario includes attacks on Syrian diplomatic missions abroad. It also foresees an opposition take-over of the embassies to be used for terrorist activities inside Syria.

Syria has been grappling with months of unrest that has left thousands of people dead. Syrian activists blame the unrest on regime forces, but Damascus blames foreign-backed armed gangs.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Tahsin al-Halabi, a political analyst in Damascus, to further explore the issue.

What follows is the transcription of the interview:

Press TV: Mr. al-Halabi, first of all, how serious do you think these allegations are and how probable is such a scenario when we speak in practical terms?

al-Halabi: First of all, let me say that such scenario would not be ruled out from the agenda of USA and israel against Syria especially in those times and those very critical times that all the region [was] overwhelmed with.

Anyhow, how long USA and israel would go and practice or execute such scenario and get the aims available for them; I think it will not be available to be implemented even before it will be foiled down or frustrated because first of all, the internal front of Syria, the people, the majority of the people, are still with the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, still dealing with the reforms that he declared on and also still preparing themselves, parties or other personalities in order to exploit the reforms in order to practice new development for Syria internally, economically and politically.

So I think this is one point of power with the Syrian regime. The second point of power with the regime against such scenario is well seen by those alliances that Syria made especially with the resistance of the Palestinian people and with the resistance of Lebanon’s Hezbollah and regionally with the Islamic Republic of Iran and internationally, do not forget that still Russia and China would try to prevent any UN resolution from the Security Council against Syria.

So with all those cards, along with the confidence of President Bashar al-Assad with the army and the confidence of the army with the leadership of President Assad, I think all those are the strength cards in the hands of all people in Syria that can steadfast against such scenario and would frustrate and defeat such scenario.

I am sure of that and one indication of such results would take place when you would find that even Turkey is still hesitated to go all the road with the NATO backed or with this agenda or conspiracy.

Press TV: Mr. al-Halabi, you are saying that the ground is not prepared for that kind of military action or for this kind of war to be waged on Syria. But with this scenario now being speaking about if it is in reality a scenario that it is being planned for, do you think that the grounds will be prepared maybe in the near future or things could change to allow that plan to be implemented?

al-Halabi: I do not think. The time is working on behalf of Syria resistance, Syria internal front, Syria leadership and all its allied forces in the Arab region and with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

I am sure that Syria would be victorious of all those burdens, of all those confrontations in the media or on the ground or in any kind of terror against the Syrian internal territories.

I am sure then that even those alliances would widen because, just to finish with this, Netanyahu yesterday declared that he would make a backed with certain African countries in order to launch a war against all the influence, as he said, of the Islamic Republic of Iran in North Africa and in all Africa.

So I am sure that this in the Middle East and that of North Africa would be against all this scenario and conspiracies because even in North Africa, Netanyahu would be frustrated.

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