Video- Human Rights Watch condemns “atrocities” practiced by “Free Army”

Human Rights Watch condemns “atrocities” practiced by “Free Army”

The ”Human Rights Watch” organization condemned a video released recently after verification of the authenticity, showing the brigade “fighters” of “Omar al-Farouk” as distorting the body of a Syrian soldier, where carved out the heart and liver of the victim and used degrading sectarian expressions, according to the description of the organization.

Human Rights Watch said that the same brigade has been charged in April of random shelling the villages of the al-Qasr and Wuhoosh in Lebanon, which belong to the Syrian minorities, assuming both of the “Free Army” and “opposition coalition” responsibility for these atrocities.

The organization re-requested to move the Syrian file to the International Criminal Court about crimes against humanity committed in Syria, due to the ugliness of the videotape, the organization refused to publish it even if the image is technically modified to reduce its cruelty.

In a comparison of the video publication with recent videos, it has been found that the fighter himself and named (Abu Saqr) participated in by bombing villages in Lebanon, and journalists stressed as well as the leaders of the Free Army that (Abu Saqr) is the code name for a former commander of the Farouk brigade from the area (Baba Amr) in Homs.

The organization pointed out those four world-class journalists assured that they met him before and after the battle of Homs in 2011 and 2012.

In another video, which appeared the same man (Abu Saqr) wearing the same jacket, carrying rockets on the missiles’ launcher before firing on Lebanese villages in the Bekaa Valley.

(Time Magazine) stressed that reporters are working to have viewed the video in the presence of some of the fighters, including (Abu Saqr) and his brother, who assured them that the video is “genuine”.

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