Video-Iran holds the 12th research & technology exhibition

From machines and gadgets to scientific achievements; All on display in the 12th research and technology exhibition in Tehran.
The event has brought together inventors, industrial researchers and producers to showcase their latest technological products, including this hybrid car, which has been produced by a group of Iranian students.
According to a report released by the US National Science Foundation in 2010, Iran has the world’s highest growth rate in Science & Engineering article output with an annual growth rate of 25.7%.
Furthermore, Iran considers scientific backwardness, as one of the root causes of political and military bullying by developed countries over other states.
Iran’s achievements in technological field came as Iran has been under sanctions for three decades. Iran has made great strides in different sectors; for example in aerospace Iran sent its second satellite into space last June, while in nuclear science, it is among a handful of countries which enrich uranium under the supervision of the IAEA.
“The scientific sanctions, which are in place against Iran since the victory of the Islamic revolution, aim at hindering Iran’s scientific progress, but despite all the obstacles Iranian scientists and youths have managed to reach great technological achievements.”
The Comprehensive Scientific Plan of Iran has been devised based on about 51,000 pages of documents and includes 224 scientific projects which must be implemented by the year 2025. The final aim is to reach self-sufficiency in scientific fields.

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