Video- Maliki to reveal names of conspirators behind coup

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has announced during a ministerial meeting that he will reveal the names of those who tried to stage a coup against the Iraqi government.

According to a number of Iraqi officials, the coup planned by the Baathists for a few weeks before the withdrawal of US troops at the end of this year.

The members of the state of law coalition said al-Maliki is waiting for the final results of the investigation to reveal the names of the conspirators and the countries behind the coup.

Iraqi Lawmakers stressed that the Prime Minister should reveal the names of the leaders of the coup, the politicians and the political parties or blocs who masterminded and backed the coup.

According the political observers the timing of the coup hinted that the US intends to keep its troops in Iraq beyond the December withdrawal deadline.

Since the Iraqi government signed the withdrawal agreement in 2008 and according to the Iraqi lawmakers the US has been seeking to legalize its presence in the country, but the Iraqi government refused the presence of US troops in Iraq beyond the end of this year.

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