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Video- Occupy Paris marks three weeks

Amid near-constant police harassment, the Occupy Movement marked its third week of protest in La Defense, France’s financial heart. Confrontations have occurred almost daily, with protesters beaten and tents continually confiscated.

Protests are regular occurrences in France but Occupy Paris hasn’t drawn the crowds many had hoped.
The broad range of France’s political culture may also explain the movement’s lack of mass appeal.
Far more than just sign-wavers, protesters have achieved a lot by fanning out to support social movements across the region.
It’s this long-term view that may enable Occupy Paris to achieve a lasting influence.
Despite the ongoing winter, Occupy Paris is planning future events and discussions on human-centered solutions to the Great Recession will also continue.
When Occupy Paris first began many told us it would never last because of the harsh methods of the French security forces. Three weeks later they have taken the hits, and in doing so they have provided a center for people to meet, discuss and return back into the community with inspiration.

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