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Video- Protests continue in Yemen despite power transfer deal

Yemen has been wracked by nationwide anti-regime protests calling for the downfall of the regime and the prosecution of all those behind the killing of innocent people.

The protests have shown no sign of abating even after Ali Abdullah Saleh signed the power transfer deal on Wednesday in Saudi capital Riyadh. Protester poured onto the streets, condemning the deal that gives Saleh immunity from prosecution. They say they will not back down until the fall of the regime.

Observers say that not much has changed after the signing of the peace initiative, as the economy of Yemen continues to deteriorate and regime forces and supporters of the revolution continue to clash throughout the country. Protesters say their demands have not yet been met which is why their revolution will continue.

One of the main organizers in the liberation square said the signing of the Persian Gulf-brokered peace plan has only increased the casualties, after the government forces opened fire on the youth demonstrations the day following the agreement.

Ali Naji Shareef who is a main organizer in the liberation square said the initiative compromises all the goals set out by the revolution ten months ago.

When asked about the next step of the revolution, protesters said the next step would be to expand the routes of the revolution into further areas and to take over key governmental sites and administrations.

Under the peace plan, Saleh agreed to hand over power to his deputy Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi within 30 days and hold presidential election within 90 days. However, as was expressed by the youth protesters, their main aim is to topple Saleh’s regime, before any elections take place.

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