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VIDEO- Slaughterer Coward Israel Fears Hezbollah Offensive Drones

Zionist media outlets expressed the entity’s worries about Hezbollah use of drones, asserting that the party will use such planes during any future war against ‘Israel’.

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The Israeli media reference to the “worrisome development” was in the context of a commentary on a video which it was claimed that it displays Hezbollah drone destroying Nusra stronghold at Lebanese-Syrian borders.

“Hezbollah flew several drones over the entity for surveillance purposes,” the Zionist media outlets added, “However, this video shows how the party is using these drones for offensive goals.”

Zionist analysts considered that Hezbollah will use such drones against the Zionist entity during any upcoming war as it has been using them in Syria.

The Israeli media outlets revealed, in a different context, that the entity is contacting and coordinating with the terrorist groups on the occupied Golan Heights, adding that the Zionist hospitals have received over 1300 of their militants.

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