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VIDEO: Syrian Army troops training to storm enemy positions

A new video was released this week showing the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) training to storm a hypothetical enemy’s positions.

In the video, the Syrian Arab Army troops can be seen on the offensive, as they receive aerial assistance from their air force’s fighter jets, who can be seen striking the hypothetical enemy.

Syrian military choppers were then seen participating in the battle, as the Syrian Arab Army troops advanced on a building during the training exercise.

While ground clashes have become a rarity between the government and opposition forces in northwestern Syria, the Syrian Arab Army has taken the opportunity to train new forces and prepare troops for the heavy battles in the central region of the country.

In central and eastern Syria, the Syrian Arab Army is engaged in daily clashes with the remnants of the Islamic State, who have taken to the Badiya Al-Sham region of the country to regroup and continue their attacks against the government forces.

The majority of these clashes have taken place between the towns of Al-Shoula (Deir Ezzor) and Al-Sukhnah, which were previously under the control of the Islamic State.

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