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VIDEO: Syrian mercenaries complain about stolen salaries after fighting in Karabakh

The Syrian mercenaries that took part in the Karabakh conflict between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces were filmed recently complaining about stolen salaries,

In the short video, members of the Sultan Suleiman Shah Brigade complained that they fought with the Turkish forces alongside the Azerbaijani troops in Karabakh, but not compensated for their service.

The Syrian mercenary that was speaking about the salaries said that their money was stolen from them, despite the fact they suffered casualties during the month-long war.

The Syrian mercenaries were previously deployed to Karabakh to assist the Azerbaijani Armed Forces in their war against the Armenian troops there.

This deployment of mercenaries to Karabakh was widely covered by the local Armenian media, as the Turkish-sponsored fighters were sent to this region just weeks before the war broke out on September 29th, 2020.

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