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Video- Tehran hosts Intl. congress on Islamic awakening literature

Words without borders. That in a nutshell sums up the two-day congress on Islamic Awakening Literature in Tehran. Where Muslim poets, authors and thinkers are not hesitating to narrate their views on how their countries achieved democracy after years of dictatorship and silence.

The literary event also promises a wide range of talks by authors and translation pioneers, that illuminate the revolutionary spirit in the Middle East and North Africa.

Speaking to Press TV, a number of participants said authors in countries affected by the Islamic Awakening plan to write novels on their struggles, in order to educate young readers and re-enforce the idea of how important it is to retain freedom and Muslim unity.

Some poets and authors challenged the stereotypes that the West has of the East and pointed out the complicity of Western governments in supporting dictatorships. The discussions range far and wide, covering current events and comparing the current revolutions with those of the past.

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