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Video- Unemployment rates increase in France

The number of jobseekers is up and rising in France, and has reached record heights of 9.3 percent. And it’s this severe job crunch that has led these demonstrators to protest.

For nearly 3 million jobseekers like Nara Khalifa, it is a daily struggle to pay for food, rent, and other bills.

These demonstrators are blaming the government for not creating new jobs and for not stopping the outsourcing of jobs.

Among the youth, unemployment figures are worse: over 20 percent.
And experts warn: small budgets are forcing younger generations to compromise on balanced food.

The Opposition in the Parliament has been vocal against the government’s lack of action.

The government denies such accusations, but admits it has to find more solutions.

President Sarkozy has promised to hold an Employment Summit with all trade unions next year.

That could help. But the OECD has already warned, French unemployment will cross the 10% threshold in 2012.

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