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Video-Yemenis vow to continue revolution

As Yemen national military commission continues to face setbacks in implementing its assignment of returning law and order to the volatile county, tens of thousands of anti government protesters took to the streets of Sana’a to call for the prosecution of Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Revolutionaries chanted anti-government slogans confirming that they will continue their demonstrations until achieving all of its goals, considering the newly formed coalition government as two faces of a coin.

While the national unity government is preparing its lists of priorities, political analysts say that there are so many challenges ahead of its military commission such as the continuation of violence in Al-Hassabah area.

This comes as the demonstrators who have launched their rally from the city of Taiz, two days ago, arrived Wednesday in Yarim city, ibb district to pass by the liberation squares along the road to Sana’a city to build up revolutionary protests and to protect their uprising from whom they described as exploiters and from any deviations.

As the national unity government faces several challenges, top of which are the security and economic issues, youth demonstrators who are expected to arrive to Sana’a within the coming days are expected to protests against giving Saleh and his key assistants immunity from prosecution.

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