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VIDEOS: Hezbollah, Nightmare of Zionists, Capture Drone Footage of Zionist Military Command Sites in Galilee, Shebaa Farms

In the last episode of Al-Manar TV Channel’s Documentary, Secrets of Second Liberation, Hezbollah drones appeared capturing footage of the Zionist military command sites in the occupied Galilee and Shebaa Farms, called Brannite and Rowaysat Al-Alam respectively.

Hezbollah drones managed to violate all the security and military measures taken by the Israeli army which was supposed to be on alert as it was reported to be conducting drills.

The Israeli analysts considered that the danger posed by Hezbollah on the northern front represents a nightmare, citing the Resistance groundbreaking military achievements against the terrorist groups in Syria.

It is worth noting that Al-Manar documentary covered the various aspects of Hezbollah campaign against the militants in Syria, concentrating on the battles on Lebanon’s northeastern borders.

In the same episode, Hezbollah forces appear conducting drills and showing an advanced military skills which reinforce their firepower for the sake of achieve victory over any enemy.

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