Violent Firefights Reported in Jobar: Syrian Arab Army Advances to the Tayba Mosque

Violent Firefights Reported in Jobar Syrian Arab Army Advances to the Tayba Mosque

The Syrian Air Force heavily bombarded Jaysh Al-Islam in east Jobar with multiple air raids on Saturday morning. According to Syrian military sources, the Syrian Air Force utilized bunker-buster bombs to destroy enemy tunnels inside the city. The bombs created large craters that left the destroyed tunnels exposed to Syrian Arab Army artillery shells. Approximately 40 militants were killed during the airstrikes yesterday morning; this forced many insurgents to retreat east to avoid further casualties.

Violent clashes broke out between Jaysh Al-Islam and the Syrian Arab Army’s Republican Guard following the Syrian Air Force’s bombardment of the former’s positions in the east. The Republican Guard successfully reached the Tayba Mosque, where they met fierce resistance during operations on Saturday afternoon. Sources confirmed 21 militants were killed, as the SAA captured the Tayba Mosque around 7 P.M. Damascus Time. 7 Syrian Arab Army soldiers were killed and another 16 were wounded during the clashes.

Almost 100 Jaysh Al-Islam militants have been killed in Jobar since the Syrian Arab Army began the siege three days ago. Jaysh Al-Islam’s leader, Zahran Alloush, has had his hands full in Rif Dimashq, as the SAA has continued its operations in Douma and Zamalka. The East Ghouta was one of the first rebel strongholds during the inception of this armed conflict; it has been besieged by the Syrian Arab Army at least three times since last year, resulting in the SAA’s subsequent withdrawal into nearby villages.


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