Washington: al-Qusair will map out Syria’s future.


Al-Jumhuriah, a Lebanese newspaper reports a US official as saying: “the ongoing events in al-Qusair will map out the whole future of Syria”.

The official who kept his name unrevealed continued that nothing secures stability for “the power scale that can be shaped at any time while the conflict evolves; nothing secures the activation of political agreements that may be signed especially that the involved parties consider it as very decisive”.

He also said that: “even if Geneva 2 conference is held, previous experiences have shown that such crisis-conferences come out with no final solutions unless things reached their utmost ends.

Finally he said that soon we will be witnessing “major developments whether on the military or the political level especially for the neighboring countries of Syria; Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Mualem’s visit to Iraq makes us believe that Syria is urging Bagdad to abandon the “semi-gray” spot as for its stances on the ongoing events”.

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