Washington post reports Syrian Refugees: we do support President Assad

517bc46acd89fLots of reports have recently emerged talking about the Syrian refugees in many countries, but none have ever mentioned their own political trends, a report has finally showed up quoting many refugees especially in Lebanon; most of them have stood beside the Syrian government in its fight against armed opposition militants. Badr Abbas, one of the refugees in Lebanon, says “I never doubted my support to President Assad, I see him as a role model for secularism and security and what I am afraid of is the approaching danger of the armed opposition.”

Muhamed, another Syrian refugee, who kept his surname anonymous for fear of opposition militants says also” in my hometown, I saw militants sneaking and hiding among houses, especially areas with high population; everything was all right, but now we are even unable to have a short walk in midnight like before, we lost our sense of security.”

The report also talks about the Christians who fled violence in Syria to Lebanon and how their demands has changed from asking more reforms from the government to supporting it to gain more ground in order to stop the extremists from manipulating the country. Finally, the report mentioned that all President Assad’s supports do have two similar points of view, Firstly; blaming opposition for damaging the colored religious and cultural mosaic that Syria enjoys and secondly saying that Syria will not enjoy the former safety and security that it had under the reign of President Assad.

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