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Watch Excl. Nasrallah, “We went Bosnia to defend our Sunni brothers,”

Secretary General of Hezbollah Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah,
“The one whose heart is not broken for what happened to the Muslims in Bosnia Herzegovina can not be a Muslim.
This is a shame for USA, West, UN, UNSC, and rulers of Muslim countries.
Today, those who accuse us as a sectarian Resistance!
Were there Shias in Bosnia when we went there to fight alongside with them?
Those whom we are at remembering right now, Martyr Ala and his brothers.
They left their land, families, resistance, and occupied land just to defend the honour, blood, properties, survival of their Sunni Muslim brothers in Bosnia.
It is a false claim to blame us as sectarian. Our history is witness.
In Lebanon, Palestine, Bosnia Herzegovina, everywhere…
Dear brothers, we went Bosnia, it was the choice of our youth, we had military camps there.
May be this is the first time i openly speak about this topic in this way.
We fought, we had martyrs. To defend whom?
To defend Sunni Muslims in Bosnia. There were not Shias in Bosnia.”

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