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WATCH Excl- Turkish news presenter, “Turkish Armed Forces is bombing civilians in Afrin,”

Turkish Radio And Television Association (TRT) News presenter Tuğba Dalkılıç was indicted following the explanations below on air.

Turkish Radio And Television Association News presenter Tuğba Dalkılıç, “Dear watchers, now I will break the news (of Afrin Burseya Mountain) we took from our reporters in the heat of the moments. They gave very important information.

For example, our correspondent Bülent Çulcuoğlu has just mentioned from the region of clash that Turkish Armed Forces is ATTACKING CIVILIANS from this point. As we have been saying from the beginning that Burseya Mountain has a strategic importance and Turkish Armed Forces is BOMBARDING CIVILIANS from this mountain along with FSA units.

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Excl- All lies of Turkey’s Olive-Branch Afrin Operation are exposed! A Buffer Zone!

Finally, zionists let the cat out of the bag by declaring Afrin region a buffer zone under the control of FSA terrorists with the help of PYD, YPG traitors who are against the territorial integrity of Syria. USA and Turkey agree on a buffer zone in Afrin region under heart eater terrorist FSA control. Thus, the allies of Israel aim to create a bleeding wound for a long time and Resistance will have no time to disturb israel. No doubt that the divine Word will prevail in soon, Inshaallah. Whatever they do, they will fail to rescue israel from a total annihilation. With East and West the Al Qods will be the capital of Imam Mahdi a.s, the saviour of Muslim Ummah and all oppressed people. Those countries that keeping the israeli flag fly will not be able to help their dear israel from eternal annihilation just like mentioned in Surah Al Baqarah 214 as “Unquestionably, the help of Allah is near.”

Is the target of Olive-Branch Operation of Turkey against Afrin PKK, PYD, YPG or Syria?
Following the victorious of Syrian Army and Resistance against terrorists in the region, the terrorists at border were helpless because Afrin region has a strategic importance for the transition of terrorists. With the operation of Syrian Army and Resistance towards Afrin region the region under the control of Nusra terrorists will be divided. Is the target of Turkey’s operation to Afrin a kind of help for Nusra terrorists? If the target of Turkey was PYD, YPG, then Turkey would target other regions where PYD and YPG are more powerful and danger to Turkey. The question is that Turkey ignore the real threat and focus on the Afrin region where Nusra terrorists actully need urgent help.
PYD, YPG has been a threat to Turkey for years but why now? Why during the time when Nusra terrorists need urgent help? Why during the time when Syrian Army is advancing towards the border is a serious question that must be answered. When Syrian Army and Hezbollah are advancing in the region and destroying terrorists, the PYD, YPG threat is used as an excuse to give a help to the terrorists in the region, especially Nusra terrorists. Of course there should be some killings and clashes in order to make the well-written theatre more realistic.
Turkey’s Afrin operation came after the victory of Abu Duhur military airbase by the hands of Syrian Army and Hezbollah. Hezbollah has sacrificed his 2 important commanders during the operation against Abu Duhur, but the victory came finally. There are some reports that 3 American, 2 Israeli, and 4 Turkish military officers were captured during the operation. Thus, Turkish Forign Ministry had talks with Iranian and Russian embassies on the events.
USA gave the green light on Turkey’s Afrin operation, but the serious question is that why should USA allow Turkey to target USA-backed, armed PYD, and YPG? Is it possible? Of course no. It is stated by both Turkish and American officials that USA has given PYD and YPG over 4,000 armed loaded trucks via Turkish soil. It is also know that hundreds of YPG terrorists entered Syria from Turkish land under Turkish Army protection along with welcoming ceremony. All these events did not trigger Turkey to start an operation against PYD, and YPG, but somehow Turkey started Afrin operation during a time when Nusra terrorists urgently need help. Is the target of Turkey’s operation PKK or Syrian Government.

USA states that they support and arm PKK, PYD, and YPG with the permission of Turkish Government on daily basis. There are over 15 USA military bases and 24 NATO military bases in Turkish land. How sincere is the Turkey’s operation against terrorism beyond the border while the military bases of terrorism mother are located in many many cities of Turkey? If Turkish authorities are serious about fighting against terrorism, they should start from tens of military bases of NATO and USA on Turkish soil. Honestly Turkish people do not believe in the so-called fight of Turkish Government against terrorism for the reasons mentioned above.

Note: We call PYD, YPG, PKK as terrorists because they betray the countries in the region for the sake of their master USA and israel. We know that they do not represent Kurdish people. Kurds and these fractions are definitely different.

One video clearly shows Erdogan allows USA to arm YPG, PKK, PYD terrorists. The other video shows PYD, YPG, PKK terrorists enter Syria from Turkish soil under the protection of Turkish Armed Forces… Now the question is that what kind of enmity is this? It seems a coalition working for the same goal of Greater Israeli Project (The Promised Land)

The following is the video of YPG, PYD terrorists entering Syria through Turkish soil under the protection of Turkish Armed Forces.

The following video clealry shows USA is arming terrorists with the permission of Turkish Authorities.

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