We hope in realization of unity in Palestine

The democratically elected premier of Palestine said in Gaza, “If the leaders of different Palestinian groups get together hopes for be strengthened for realization and creation of unity among people.”

According to IRNA, Ismail Haniyah said in a press conference on the 25th anniversary of Hamas establishment, “This issue will also give hope to millions of homeless Palestinians to return to their homes and hearths.”
Referring to the defeat of the Zionist regime in the 8 day invasion of Gaza, he reiterated that Palestinians gained victory because of the support of the Islamic countries and global move to condemn the aggressions of the Zionist regime.
Haniyah deemed the arrival of Khaled Mash’al head of the political bureau and some of the leaders of Hamas in Gaza as the outcome of the recent victories.
The Palestinian official added, “Soon we will start a program to prepare an Islamic strategy to release the entire Palestinian territories and return our nation to their homeland.”

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