‘We monitor Israel’s movements and warn them of any dangerous action’: Houthis intel chief

The Intelligence and Monitoring Authority of the Ansarallah Movement of Yemen announced that it is monitoring “all Israeli movements in the region and is following up all its hostile plans against Yemen.”

The head of the commission, Major General Abdullah Yahya Al-Hakim, said, during a speech delivered on Wednesday in Sana’a:

“We are in the highest security, military and moral readiness to carry out all kinds of work and tasks to face the various challenges in confronting the aggressors and mercenaries and to confront the occupying Zionist entity, whose actions we monitor all its provocations and what it plans to do acts of criminal aggression.”

Al-Hakim said, according to the Ansarallah-affiliated Al-Masirah TV, that “the failure of the aggression against Yemen … is what made the enemy seek the help of the Zionists to intervene more and make some countries fall into the swamp of normalization.”

He stressed: “The Zionist entity thinks that in this event it will flex its muscles on the people of faith and wisdom. That is why we tell him that Yemen, its great people and its exceptional leadership do not frighten them by these threats, and our eyes are not oblivious to the Zionist enemy’s movements in the region, and it must understand our warnings of any reckless or dangerous actions.”

The head of the Ansarallah Intelligence Authority added “the necessity to arm itself with security vigilance, unify efforts and prepare to confront the enemies of God and the enemies of Yemen.”

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