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We Sunnis ask: Where are Sunni Governments for Gaza while Shia Iran is giving missiles, arms, aids to Palestinian Resistance?

Iran helps Resistance axis without Shia, Sunni distinction. Iran’s help is according to Haq, truth not according to mazhabs or religions. Can you tell a name of Sunni country that gives arms to Sunni Palestine? Did Sunnis see any helps from Sunni Governments during Palestine massacres in history? Did Sunnis witness any helps from Sunni Governments during Bosnia war while Islamic Republic of Iran helped Sunni Bosnians too. Today Iran is the ONLY country that gives arms, missiles, military aids and other helps to Palestinian Resistance. This shows that there is no Shia, Sunni distinction for Resistance. Thats why we Sunnis once more declare that enemies of Islam will certainly fail in the sectarian strife plots. We muslims will stay together against enemies of humanity. That is why oppression has neither religions nor mazhabs. Terrorism has no religion too. Terrorists in Syria, Iraq call themselves as Sunnis while they take arms from US, Israel, Turkey, Puppet Arab regimes. The same so-called Sunni terrorists get medical treatment in the Zionist Israeli hospitals. The same Nusra, ISIL, FSA, Qaeda terrorists wage war in Islamic regions but never attack Zionist regimes. While the leaders of those terrorists declare jeehad in Syria, Iraq they prohibit jeehad in Gaza against slaughterer Israel. It is a principle that the mazhabs, ways of muslims and religions of oppressed ones are not asked. Resistance axis is formed of Islamic ummah and oppressed people.



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Video-Turkish PM Erdogan: “I will wear clothes of Priest If my commanders order”

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These words belong to Turkish Economy Minister NOT Israeli Economy Minister While Gaza is under attack but…


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