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What was Imam Khamenei’s prediction 18 years ago in a meeting with Hamas’s martyred leader?


On May 2, 1998, roughly eighteen years ago today, Imam Khamenei spoke on US and Israeli colonial style policy, a policy meant to sink Palestinian distress into oblivion, while in a meeting with the martyred Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Fast-forward to today, the conditions of Muslim countries engaged in civil war confirms that this unwavering prediction rings true.

“Muslims should always keep the Palestinian cause alive.” the Leader said, while addressing Sheikh Ahmad Yassin. He made sure to indicate that the victory of Palestinian youth over Zionist occupation is God’s definite and irrevocable promise. During this gathering, Imam Khamenei referred to Sheikh Ahmad Yassin and comrades as the proper representatives for Muslims of Palestine and jihadists who are at the forefront of a war between righteousness and evil, he said, “Those who attempt to smite the Palestinians have no right to speak in the name and glory of Palestine.”

While mentioning the struggle of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the Zionist Occupation regime, he said: “The Iranian nation is determined to uphold its accurate and correct stance over the Palestinian matter and any trouble caused by this stance is considered a grace and blessing from the Almighty God. We will help the Palestinian Muslim warriors, no political pressure and propaganda will prevent the Iranian nation from supporting the Muslim warriors in Palestine.”

Martyr Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, leader of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), indicated, “The Palestinian Islamic resistance will not relinquish an inch of the Palestinian land.” mentioning, “Palestine is not a place that a particular group or government can reach a compromise over with the occupiers of the Al Aqsa. Palestine belongs to all Muslims and with resistance we will reach martyrdom in this path or will eventually liberate Al Aqsa.”

Respectfully, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin expressed his gratefulness for the openhanded support the Islamic Republic of Iran has contributed towards the Palestinian people, who struggle against the Zionist regime, closing his remarks by saying, “The next century belongs to Islam and the Muslims.”

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