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When Hezbollah Protected Lebanon from Qalamoun-Arsal Terrorists’ Booby-Trapped Cars in 2014

The Second Liberation Secrets, an episodic documentary broadcast by Al-Manar TV, highlighted Saturday how after liberating Al-Quseir city from the terrorist groups in 2013, Hezbollah forces moved to the second stage of their confrontation with the takfiri militants and faced their threat in Qalamoun-Arsal area.

The story started when the Syrian terrorist Jamal Zayneya, aka Abu Malik Al-Talli, benefited from the amnesty law issued by President Bashar Assad in 2011 to start building his militant empire in 2014.

Zayneya was well-known for his lust for money which he obtained in several illegitimate ways, including kidnapping the Maaloula nuns before releasing them in exchange for big amounts of money.

Abu Malik Al-Talli led a group of Nusra Front terrorists in Qalamoun-Arsal barrens and controlled swathes of territories in the context of a scheme aimed at expanding his military terrorist operations into Lebanon and other Syrian areas.

Meanwhile, the international support to the terrorist groups was intensified amid Lebanese political coverage for their acts to the extent that Arsal town started to function as the logistical and financial support center for the terrorist groups.

In fact, Nusra terrorists dispatched booby-trapped cars to strike the residential areas that support Hezbollah in Beirut’s Dahiyeh and Bekaa, which pushed the resistance to launch its campaign against the militants’ strongholds and sites in the barren border area and inflict heavy losses upon them.

Hezbollah operations aimed at blocking the routes used by the terrorists to pass the booby-trapped cars into Lebanon and protecting the Bekaa towns form the terrorists’ rocketry shelling required a battlefield cooperation with the Lebanese army.

After the Lebanese army arrested a key terrorist, called Abu Ahmad Jomaa, at one of its check points, a large number of militants from Nusra Front and ISIL groups attacked the military posts, killing, injuring and kidnapping dozens of servicemen.

Hezbollah waged its military campaign against the terrorist groups in the rugged area, resorting the face-to-face clashes with the militants and heavy bombardment of their sites in order to defeat them.

Hezbollah fighters killed a large number of the Nusra Front and ISIL militants, raiding the facilities they had used by the militants to equip the vehicles with explosives.

The following video shows Hezbollah fighters raiding the explosives facility and detonating one of the boob-trapped cars which were prepared to target the civilians in Lebanon

However, this victory was not priceless, the Islamic Resistance sacrificed its great warriors for the sake of protecting its country. A number of Hezbollah fighters were martyred or injured during the battles and in challenging the severe weather.

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