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While the Saudi Air Force Bombs Civilians in Yemen; Houthis Liberates Aden


The Saudi Royal Air Force has launched a multitude of merciless airstrikes on the civilian population in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa, killing over 65 civilians and wounding another 300 over the last seven days, as half of the Arab League countries observe and succor their allies in Riyadh.

While propagating their attempt to “stabilize” Yemen through unguided bombs from their F-15s, Saudi officials have made it clear that their priority is to reestablish exiled President, Abd Rubbah Mansour Hadi’s, control over the western half of the country.

The Saudi Air Force’s alleged “target” – the Yemeni Houthis – is gaining significant ground around the country, as they are in full-control of the country’s capital, while also being on the verge of capturing the second largest city in Yemen: Aden.

On Sunday, Houthis fighters – in cooperation with the former President ‘Ali ‘Abdullah Saleh’s militiamen – captured the strategic Aden International Airport amid non-stop airstrikes from the Saudi-backed Arab Coalition; this led to a decisive loss for the Hadi loyalists, who represent a small portion of the population.

Despite the constant allegations of Iranian sponsorship, a source in Sanaa confirmed that the militia purchases almost all of their weapons from the black market.

Houthis is a militia comprised of predominately Zaydi Shi’is (40-45% of the Yemeni Population) that operate in the western half of Yemen – they have protected the populous from the growing Al-Qaeda threat that is looming from the eastern part of the country.

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