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Who are sending weapons to Americanized Mujaheeds in Syria?


Anyone can not stop himself/ herself from asking some questions…
WHY so-called mujaheeds have done NOTHING for Palestinian cause that has been lasting nearly a 80 years? Do mujaheeds (?) in Syria see israHELL as brother or see Palestinian muslims as cruels???? Where were these so-called mujaheeds (?) in US- Iraq war? Where were they when these invaders rape our sisters, mothers..!!!!! BUT WHY Syria? why all come together under the flag of NATO, Great Satan US, israel, Dictators and puppets? is this Islam or is this Americanized islam? Why these brutal killer are uneasy of so-called massacre(?) in Syria or are they uncomfortable for the RESISTANCE STANCE of Syria against ENEMY of ALLAH, QURAN, ISLAM, PROPHET MOHAMMAD pbuh, AHLUL BAYT, SAHABAS, UMMAH UNITY… yes the whole World see that these ones in Syria under the name of Jehaad (?) are NOT sincere or they are deceived by treacherous, hypocritical, many-faced betrayals who pretend muslims in the regions!! A true muslim is sure that these Blasphemy bloc have no mercy even on the tool they use in Syria! when the right time comes they will also kill all of them. Why they see the rebels in Mali as terrorists BUT the ones in Syria as reformists? Is not this the BIGGEST CONTRADICTION of western countries against the people of the regions that they want to suck blood of people using some for tools against other then annihilate the tools.Today they use Syria as an excuse to send any ignorant, deceived muslims to Syria for fighting against Kuffar(?)! what is kuffar? who say Assad is Kafir? yes Assad is seen as a kafir by GANS, CRUELS, INVADERS,KILLER, THIEVES ..etc. Yes we muslim are not in expectation to hear from ENEMIES of Islam good words…..

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