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Who is Brigadier General Mohammad Hejazi?

Little are those who know well about Brigadier General Mohammad Hejazi, the Deputy Commander of IRGC’s Quds Force, who died on Sunday of heart conditions.

Brig. Gen. Hejazi’s health problem was related to a suffering for years after being exposed to chemicals during the Iraqi imposed war in the 1980s, IRGC spokesperson General Ramezan Sharif announced on Monday.

Born in the 1950s in the city of Isfahan, Hejazi joined the IRGC soon after it was established in 1979 in the wake of the Islamic Revolution.

Over the years, he occupied several key positions within the force, including commander of the IRGC’s Basij Force and deputy commander-in-chief of the IRGC.

Hejazi was known for working directly under Iran’s General Qassem Suleimani until the latter’s martyrdom by a US drone strike in January 2020.

Thereafter, Brig. Gen. Hejazi was named the second-in-command of the Quds Force, the the overseas arm of the IRGC.

The Zionist entity named him as the main man behind Iran’s project of manufacturing precision-guided missiles for Lebanese Resistance movement, Hezbollah.

According to Israeli media, Brig. Gen. Hejazi as also reported to be one of the suspected planners of the deadly 1994 bombing at the AMIA Jewish center in Buenos Aires, in which 85 people were killed.

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