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Who Love Life More? Glorified Martyrs or Those Who Surrender to Tyrants?

“‘To me, death is nothing but happiness, and living under tyrants is nothing but living in a hell,” Imam Hussein (P) said.

It is the key guideline which the grandsons of Imam Hussein (P) have followed, so they have rejected throughout the history to be ruled by the tyrants.

Hezbollah fighters are among the Imam grandsons who have rebelled against the Zionist and takfiri oppressors and refused to let them carry out their occupation and aggression schemes in Lebanon.

On October 11, 1982, the martyr Ahmad Kassir carried out the first martyrdom bombing operation, detonated his explosives-rigged car at the headquarters of the Israeli military command in Tyre, southern Lebanon, killing 76 soldiers as well as officers and injuring 118 of others.

Hezbollah, accordingly, set November 11 as a date to mark Martyr Day. It is the Day of those who consider that protecting their dignity is prior to all their life concerns, even to their entire lives.

In one of his speeches during 2006 War, Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah said, “The houses were destroyed, and we would rebuild them; however,  we may never accept losing our dignity.”

The merit of enjoying life must be accompanied by sustaining the dignity; otherwise, sacrificing lives becomes the only way to defend the religious principles, moral values and material rights of the entire social group.

Since emergence, Hezbollah has reinforced the value of sacrifice that a number of people offer for the sake of protecting the lives of the entire social group they belong to.

In the context of the political dispute in Lebanon, some parties have accused Hezbollah of promoting the culture of death and darkness, alleging that they love life more than those who embrace martyrdom to defend their country from the Israeli and takfiri enemies.

Those parties have never confronted any aggression on Lebanon or opposed the foreign political interventions in their country. According to Imam Hussein (P), they do not reject to be ruled by the cruel oppressors.

Here, a pivotal question rises: Who love life more? the martyrs who make the most precious sacrifice for the sake of providing an honorable life to their social group or those who accept to live under the tyrant’s mercy?

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