Why are US, West, Israel uneasy of Iran

Islamic Republic of Iran is UNCOVERING the real face of zionism which is presented as democracy to the people of the world via their PUPPET zionist servant media, and thats why they are enemies of Iran. There are many regions that muslims live in ,but these zionists are okay with the muslims who obey them and do nothing against them which we call as American Islam. We know that Iran is performing the Mohammadi Islam, the Real Islam, the Islam in the Qur’an and thats why the zionist world is strongly the ETERNAL enemy of Iran. These zionists pretend supporting we Sunnis against Shias, but we Sunnis also know that this is another plot becauze those zionist are neither friend of shia nor sunni. These arrogant powers are just using one of them as tool and they will CERTAINLY kill that tool when their job is finished, too. There are some takfirists among Sunnis who are in this game and there are takfiri, akhbari shias who are in this game, too. We are so hopeful that the sinister plot of the enemies of humanity will be definitely defeated by the real Shias, Sunnis and Christians. We thanks to Allah that the Resistance will finish at fronts and on media and in other areas, too. Long live the brotherhood, long live the resistance, long live the Islamic Republic of Iran under the command of The Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei.




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