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Why high ranking Hezbollah and Iranian Commanders are martyred after arrival of Russia is a serious question


Although the situation in the region and the countries involved in the war against Syria seem complicated, we can understand the whole picture by categorazing the clear front of Resistance and the other enemy bloc. Beyond any doubt, the war in the region is not a new one, but the one that is the most severe throughout the history. This war is the war of Turth and Falsehood. This war is the war of Abraham and Nimrod. This war is the war of Moses and Pharaoh. This war is the war of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and Abo Sfyan, Abo Jahl. This war is the war of Imam Hussain (a.s) and Yazeed (l.a). And the war of today is the war of Zionism and all oppressed people.

The dirty war on Syria, which is actually the historical confrontation of these two blocs, and many other questions have made us to reconsider the bloc of Resistance and the bloc of enemies of Resistance. The most important question is the stance of Russia. At this point the words of late founder of Islmaic Revolution of Iran, Imam Khomeini r.a, has great importance for the Resistance. “America is worse than England, England is worse than America. Russia is worse than both of them. All of them are worse than one another, but today our target is America,”

The stance of Russia towards Resistance can be understood from the Russia (not Russian people) stance towards Zionist Israel, which is the best way to clarify the point. You may remember the Putin’s visit to Israel and his words. He said, “I can read the jewish history on these walls,” These statements and many others certainly show where Putin stands, and with whom he stands for while the main target of Resitance is Israel. Israel is accepted as the main enemy by Iran, Hezbollah, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and all other Resistance factions whose slogan is “Down With Israel, Down With USA, Down With England, Down With Saud”
But why Russia? Why Russia pretend to be one of allies of Resistance? To strengten Resistance? NO NEVER! Where was Russia during the hardest days of Resistance in Syria? During the years of 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and early of 2015? Why did Russia remain silent? And what made Putin enter Syria after his excellent negotiation with Erdogan? What did Erdogan teach Putin during the visit that Putin said, “Erdogan is a unique one and a powerful man,” ? HYPOCRISY? TO COVER HIS DIRTY FACE JUST THE WAY ERDOGAN DOES? TO DIVIDE MUSLIMS BY GIVING EXCUSE THAT “INFIDEL RUSSIA IS ALSO WITH MUSLIM RESISTANCE, SO IT IS OKAY USA, WEST IS WITH US”?
After Russia entered Syria, many high ranking Iranian and Hezbollah commanders have been martyred, which is an open fact in front of the eyes while Russia presence change nothing of Turkey’s ground invasion to Syria apparently. If the Russian defense system is not protecting Syria, Hezbollah from Israeli fighter jets, from missiles of Israel, then what are those defense system for? Is the presence of Russia in Syria also for the upcoming war to hit Resistance back, to help his close ally Israel just the way Russia betrayed Islamic Revolution of Iran after taking Money of S300 but gave some of them decades later? Is Russia playing his role given by his masters in Tel Aviv?
If you think Russia as a part of Resistance, you are already deceiced because Nasrallah said, “ Russia is not part of Resitance but he came to Syria,” Russia can be an economic partner just like any other countries that have ties with Iran, but Russia is not the part of Resistance. Yes, Russia attack some ISIL positions because he has to do these ones otherwise how would he be able to deceive you?
About two years ago, we published an atrticle about this point, but we saw that even some of Resistance people had difficulty in understanding the point, and then we removed it, but now it became a necessary to rehandle this important point after many of the Hezbollah and Iranian high ranking commanders.

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