Why is the Zionist regime angry? What can it do?

n00145436-bOn Friday, when there were whispers of a nuclear agreement with Iran and the US and European foreign ministers set off for Sweden, Benjamin Netanyahu launched severe attacks against talks and potential agreements in Geneva. He took a uniquely beating wording that even the American side was taken aback.
White House speaker called the immature criticisms by Netanyahu over an agreement which had not realized yet and whose aspects were not known as a hasty measure. Nicolas Burns, a US foreign policy advisor called the reaction an inappropriate hasty measure and Swiss Foreign Minister wrote in his twitter that;” It is so weird that Israeli Prime Minister rejects an agreement with Iran which has not happened yet and it is quite illogical that Israel is pursuing a stop of efforts to reach a logical agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. This European minister stated that an endless confrontation is not policy.”

But why is the Zionist regime so angry and flustered showing such uncontrollable reactions? Giora Eiland, former Israel’s National Security Advisor in an interview explained the reason for this wrath saying,” I understand why Netanyahu is so angry. A unilateral military option against Iran has no chance in this situation. It is not because Israelis cannot do that but because it will mean a move against international community which will be unanimously supported if Geneva agreement is achieved.

Any agreement with Iran, no matter what the details are or to what extent it is beneficial for Iran or the west, will prove one important point and that is recognition of Iran’s right for enrichment even if limited. Therefore, Israel cannot have a military option as an act of punishment against Iran because this was the card that Israel always kept safely. An agreement with Iran means that Israel cannot do that anymore because that would be an illegal war.

But what else can Israel do to hinder an agreement or cause sabotage apart from having a beating rhetoric, constant complaints and criticism over a possible agreement? This was the question that was posed by two renowned American papers New York Times and Washington Post.

New York Times replied that Israel cannot do much and in fact has no other way but sharp remarks. However Washington Post in a profound report wrote that congress is the place which Israel is still hopeful of and thinks it is possible to prevent realization of a possible Geneva agreement with Iran through congress.

During the past 24 hours, many congress representatives, particularly Republicans and some Democrats, have stressed that any alleviation of anti-Iran sanctions and will be rejected by the Congress. Of course there are still some congress representatives that think an agreement with Iran is the best solution. Four months ago 131 members of Congress signed a letter announcing their support for diplomatic solutions against Iran.

Netanyahu can promote his military option against Iran through Congress. Alleviation of sanctions is a key issue in any form of agreement with Iran and Netanyahu can make everything difficult for Obama to reduce anti- Iran sanctions in Congress with his constant criticism and rhetoric attacks.

Source: taghribnews

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