Why is West not after constructive ties with Iranian Rev.?

For almost 42 years, Westerners have been claiming that the Iranian revolution is coming to its end every year, however, it is the liberal democracy that reached its end, especially after the US post-election events.

Today, the Islamic Revolution of Iran marks the 42nd anniversary of its victory, while a few years ago John Bolton, Trump’s national security adviser, had claimed that the Iranian revolution would not see its 40th anniversary.

Like many Western politicians, John Bolton’s words could have been used as propaganda at the time, but the point is why the West speaks so angrily about the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

Basically, what is the secret of the Iranian revolution that the Westerners have been kept imposing economic sanctions and cultural aggression and organizing plots, conspiracies and disintegration scenarios against the Islamic Revolution?

Have other revolutions been like this?, the answer is No!

The reason is clear. The Iranian revolution was not supposed to stay within the borders due to its characteristics.

Brinton’s The Anatomy of Revolution also provides the same definition signaling that the Iranian revolution was a cross-border ideological development and would not be confined within Iran’s borders.

Therefore, the West made all its efforts and resorted to many tools to prevent the discourse of the Islamic Republic.

For almost 42 years, Westerners have been claiming that the Iranian revolution is coming to its end every year.

The Western media also came to the aid of the American and British politicians, and each year they tried to examine the weaknesses of the Islamic Revolution, besides destroying the conditions for stabilization of the Revolution by creating a negative atmosphere aimed to disappoint people. Of course, these measures can be better understood when putting them beside four decades of America’s economic war and siege against Iran. 

Westerners resorted to all tools to confront the Iranian Revolution but in vain and this has made them angry especially considering the fact that the defects of Western Liberal Democracy have become more clear after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, particularly in the last decade. 

Western societies, even American citizens, realized the absurdity and inability of this model to govern society, and in particular, the post-election events in the United States and Trump’s insane behavior and approach was also the last nail in the rotten coffin of liberal democracy.

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