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Why Syria? NOT Mali

What do you think about so-called Free Army in Syria fighting for Syrians(?) but are not accepted by Syrians even to take medical treatment in any Syrian Hospitals and taken to the hospitals in Turkey and other countries. Are they really for Syrians or for the the ones who support them unconditionally by any means of arms… why Syria is SO important for those who closed their eyes to the people of other regions like: Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Mali… What reason make the west, US, Israel, Turkey, Qatar, S. Arabia to be ALERT on Syrian case? Why Saudi Arabia has released 30,000 dangerous prisoners near Syrian borders, has stipulated jihad against Bashar al-Assad as their freedom condition? Qata opened all doors for rebels in Syria but WHY NOT to the Malians? Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey do not say anything about Bahrain because they are shiites so they are for the sunni(?) rebels in Syria who see all ways legitimate for overthrowing Assad. Turkey unconditionally finance, arm, give logistic support, being entrance gate for the terrorists coming from any regions.

Is it because Malian rebels do not have a leader whom the terrorists in Syria have?
If Malian rebels had a leader who has got close relations with west, US, israel and other zionist lobbies, would Malians be under attack today?
If Malians had a leader like Mouaz al-Khatib (who is well-known for his close relations and love for US and israel) would they be under such an attack by Imperialist world nourishing by sucking blood of oppressed people?
If Malians had a leader like George Sabra -who was born to a Christian family in the city of Qatana in Rif Dimashq Governorate- would they be supported by the same supporters of the terrorists in Syria?

WHY they are so compassionate to Syrians(???) Are Syrians people and others are NOT? or there is something opposite to some powers interests?… There are lots of whys underlying the Syrian case. There are lots of interesting points making confusion among people about Syria. It was and It is US, Israel, Western countries that have been sucking blood of the people in ME, African States, Latin America, Asia, Pasicif and other regions and had/have no pitty for even babbies, women, elders…. BUT why today they seem so pitying for Syrians? Do they really think Syria and Syrians or their aim is to SAVE israel that is taking its last breath? Syria’s down is vital for israel because israel know that Syria has the Key role in Resistance.

All aboves and many ather reasons show that the ones supporting so-called revolution in Syria are neither for any religious aims nor sects. Their main aim is different from what Americanized media tell to the whole world. Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia or other so-called sunni Governments are not for sunnis or shiites. If they were sunnis why they do not say about people in Mali, Yemen, Jordan, Qatar? if they are shiites why they say nothing for Bahrain etc..? The muslims see that they are neither sunnis nor shiites governments, they are just serving what they are told by their masters.

If these governments who are uneasy of the so- called oppression in Syria then WHY they keep their silence on Rohingiyas, Palestinians…etc. It has been many years that Palestine is under the occupation of the enemy of Humanity but they say nothing for zionism. When israel attacked Turkish people on Mavi Marmara events and killed many Turkish civilians in front of the whole media why the alleged ones did not take a step to stop brıtality or oppressions?
Why the ones who are uneasy(?) of the killings in Syria(?) are very comfortable for the killings, massacre of Rohingiyas in Burma, Palestine..

Is not it so shocking that the reason of massacre, tears, bloodshed, rape, occupation… any bad things the Great Satan US, Zionist Israel, Kingdom of Lies England, Other Imperialists and their regional puppets are uneasy of the so called- massacre, rape, killings by Assad? If there were a real massacre by Assad in Syria be sure that those powers counted above would be flying over blue sky because of their content… thanks.

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