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Exclusive- Why Turkish People saw BUT Arabs not the Sneaky plots in Syria ?

From the beginnnig crisis in Syria, Turkish Media spreading a wide range of propaganda against Syrian Govern. and fabricating false news about the Syrian Army and covering the real face of armed groups and in struggle of presenting those inhuman killers as Mujaheeds. Despite these many propaganda against Syria, the Turkish People have not come to the these sinister plots and keep their true stance for the TRUE front.The clear, open, obvious PROOF is that Turkish People haven’t entered the Syrian Crisis and haven’t been with the enemies bloc whose target is Islam and Resistance Bloc in the Region. For instance in Syria there have been very few Turkish terrorists killed in Syria and this shows that the Turkish People are wise enough to see the sneaky plans implemented by the enemies. In any case of Palestine just like Mavi Marmara attack, the whole Turkish People rose against israel. In Syria case Turkish People keep their right stance and didn’t act as the Govern. asked from them. BUT when we see the terrorists in Syria we see that most of them are amongst Arabs. The interesting point is that although Syria is an Arab country, the Arabs stabbed their brothers…

It has been nearly 90 years that Turkish People are under the attack of a system targeting their tradition, religion and other social life. They have never had the chance of practicing Islam in society BUT at their homes individually. We can understand the hard situation of Turkish People throughout this period and despite this period Turkish People did NOT come tothe plots of enemies.

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