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Syrian military will retake every inch of Syria, including Idlib and Tanf: MoD

The Syrian military will retake every inch of Syria, including all territories controlled by anti-government forces, Minister of Defense General Ali Ayoub said in a press conference this afternoon. Speaking alongside his Iranian counterpart, the Syrian Minister of Defense said that armed forces of Syria and Iran are in agreement about the future of the country and the need to…

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Iranian Researchers Produce 53,000 Papers Last Year

Iranian researcher and academicians had published 53,000 articles by 2018, which shows a 23 increase from 1997, Head of the Islamic World Science Citation Center (IWSCC) Mohhamad Javad Dehqani said, adding that his country is the world’s 16th science producer. Dehqani, in an interview on Sunday, referred to Iran’s rank in producing scientific articles in the world as 16, and…

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Syrian Expert: 1,500 Families in Rukban Camp Facing Death

A prominent Syrian expert warned that 1,500 families who have been taken hostage by the US and its affiliated militants in al-Rukban camp in al-Tanf region of Syria are facing death conditions. The Arabic-language website of Sputnik news agency quoted Mahmoud Salih as saying on Sunday that nearly 60,000 people were stationed in Rukban camp at the border with Iraq…

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Iran not involved in Turkey operation against PKK: Informed source

An informed Iranian source denies Turkish interior minister’s comments that Tehran carried out a joint operation with Ankara against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militant group. An informed source at the Chiefs of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces told IRNA on Monday that Turkey’s army had launched an operation against the PKK in its eastern borders earlier in…

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Iran to start construction of new nuclear power plants

Iran will start construction of new nuclear power plants in summer, nuclear energy chief said on Monday. Iran will begin constructing the infrastructure of two new nuclear power plants within next two or three months, Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali-Akbar Salehi said. He rejected the alleged reports by the Zionist regime’s media about construction of…

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Iran’s main automakers producing over 4,000 cars per day

The daily production of Iran’s two main automakers has exceeded 4,000, according to Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade. Reza Rahmani made the remarks while addressing reporters on the sidelines of the last cabinet session on Monday before the end of the current Iranian calendar year. He said that the two giant Iranian automakers – Saipa and Iran Khodro –…

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Iran President’s visit to Iraq puzzles out knots: Zarif

President Hassan Rouhani’s visit to Iraq solved many age-old problems, said Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif in Qom on Monday. ‘Dredging the Arvand Rud River, construction of Shalamcheh-Basra railway, and granting mutual no-fee visas were among the long-term issues that were dealt with during President Rouhani’s visit to Iraq,’ said Zarif who is in Qom to meet with the religious authorities.…

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Rezaei: Majority of Expediency Council members against joining FATF

In a Sunday tweet, Rezaei wrote that “under the current sanctions, the majority of the [Expediency Council] members do not agree on joining FATF.” Noting that two FATF-related bills, including the Palermo Bill (United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime), and CFT (Combating Financing of Terrorism), are still being scrutinized by the Council and await the watchdog’s approval, Rezaei highlighted…

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Palestine to Be Liberated via Resistance: Islamic Jihad Leader

“The heroes of the West Bank once again revived the resistance and the West Bank started a new phase through the Salfit operation,” Khaled Al-Batsh said, addressing a rally held in the occupied territories. He also described the Palestinian issue as pivotal and said, “We will take back Palestine from the Zionist occupiers through resistance.” The Islamic Jihad leader further called on…

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Conference on Terror Attack against Muslims in New Zealand Held in Iranian Capital

The conference titled “Terrorism: A Common Worry, A Study on the Dimensions of the Terrorist Incident against Muslims in New Zealand” was held on Monday in Tehran with a number of senior Iranian political and cultural figures and university professors in attendance. The conference was organized by Hamidreza Moqaddamfar, a prominent Iranian political figure. Secretary of the Supreme Council of…

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