Yarmouk residents dying over camp’s siege by terrorists

Yarmouk residents dying over camp’s siege
The residents of the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp in the Syrian capital have appealed to the international community to save them from dying gradual deaths.

According to IRIB, in a message to international institutions, Yarmouk residents said many people, including children, are dying on a daily basis since the camp came under siege as a result of clashes between foreign-backed terrorists and members of the Palestinian revolutionary committees.
They said medical equipment, including oxygen supplies, are not allowed into the camp and that a number of patients have suffocated to death as a result.
The refugees also complained of lack of fuel and flour in the densely-populated camp. They have called for international humanitarian aids, including food and medicine, to save them from gradual death.
Some observers are likening Yarmouk to Gaza, and say while Palestinians there are being martyred by Zionist regime, those in Yarmouk are falling victim to attacks by al-Qaeda.

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