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Yemen conducts ops. with 17 UAVs, 2 ballistic missiles

The spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces announced that in its latest operation, Yemen has carried out an attack in the depth of the Saudi territory by 17 UAVs and two ballistic missiles.

The operation, which started on Sunday evening and ended on Monday morning, has been fully precise and successful, according to Yahya Saree.

In this operation, the Saudi Aramco Oil Company in Jeddah was targeted by 10 “Samad 3” UAVs. 

Saudi military bases in Khamis Mushait and Jizan, in the southwest of Saudi Arabia, were also targeted by five K2 UAVs and two Badr 1 ballistic missiles.

The Yemeni military official noted that as long as the series of military aggression by Saudi Arabia and its allies on Yemeni territory continues, the attacks on the Saudis will not stop.

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