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Yemen Hezbollah, Houthi forces strike back in Hodeideh, several areas recaptured (map)

The Houthi forces launched a big counter-attack in southwest Hodeideh on Thursday, seizing several areas they lost to the Gulf-backed troops this week.

According to the official media wing of the Houthi forces, their fighters began their counter-attack by storming the Mahlikhi and Majilis areas in southwest Hodeideh.

The Houthi forces managed to retake both of these areas in southwest Hodeideh after a fierce battle with the Yemeni Republican Guard and UAE-backed Southern Resistance Army.

In addition to retaking these sites, the Houthi forces also managed to kill scores of Gulf-backed fighters and seize a large quantity of their weapons that were left behind.

The Houthi forces are attempting to drive back the Gulf-backed troops after spending much of the week on the defensive.

Meanwhile, at the Hodeideh Airport front, the Houthi forces announced on Thursday morning that they are once again in full control of the installation.

They denied that the Gulf-backed troops ever seized all of the Hodeideh Airport, despite claims by the Yemeni Republican Guard commander.

The Houthi forces released footage from the airport on Tuesday evening in order to corroborate their claims of being in full control.

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