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Yemen Hezbollah Releases Video of Saudi Apache’s Downing Operation

Yemeni war media center published on Saturday scenes of the Saudi Apache helicopter which was downed by the Yemeni air defense earlier on Friday in Assir.

The video shows the Apache helicopter, which was flying in the Yemeni airspace, accurately hit with a surface-to-air missile. The helicopter was then seen falling down to a mountainous area near the Saudi border with Yemen.

“Yemeni air defenses successfully shot down a Saudi Apache plane with a new surface-to-air missile, which we will reveal later,” armed forces spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Serea said in a brief statement on Friday.

He explained that it was shot down this morning in an area off Asir while it was conducting hostilities. Two Saudis were killed and it was completely burnt.

“The operation is documented by the war media center,” Brigadier Sarea indicated.

“The armed forces confirm that it’s prohibited to approach the Yemeni airspace and assures that it will confront all attempts by the enemies,” he added.

The shootings come three months after the Yemeni armed forces uncovered two types of air defense systems, Fatir 1 and Saqib 1, which joined the battlefield in 2017 and managed to counter the Saudi-led aggression’s warplanes.

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